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Catamaran Baitboat

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Characteristic & Highlights:
  • DEVICT Catamaran bait boat is the luxury baitboat with two propellers and two batteries inside. It brings more powerful driving force and load more bait which could more than 5KG in one time..
  • The highlight of Catamaran bait boat is its very stable balance even under 6-class wave in the water. It is not only freely sailing in the lake, river or reservoir, but also could working in the sea for fishing.
  • There are more facility types for Catamaran bait boat to choose:
    Type M: This is the standard facility, which with two hoppers independent control, and one rear fishing-line dropping.
    Type M3: This type bait boat with the two hoppers independent control and could bring 3 fishing-lines in one time which two lines in the front of the boat and one line at the boat rear.
    Type T: This type bait boat with the high facility, besides 3 fishing-lines dropping, two hoppers independent control, the light also could control on the remote transmitter. You could switch on it on the shore when you feel it comes dark.

  • Characteristic:
  • All the electronic parts including remote controller, speed controller and servo-motor are all made in China. However, they are all manufactured under international standard and very mature after long time use in market practice. It ensures stable performance and top-level quality bait boat in this industry.
  • The boat body material is made from high quality engineering plastic under moulding mass production, and design with colorful appearance which guarantee stylish and durable.
  • As a remote control bait boat for fishing, the boat is very easy to control freely go forward, backward, turning, dropping fishing line and baiting in the control range with perfect anti-jamming control signal. It could be used in the lake, river or in the sea.
  • The boat is sailing with super silent, to keep the sailing speed and ensure not disturb the fish in the water.
  • The LEDS on the front and in the rear which could visualize the boat at long distance or when you fishing at night time.
  • The digital battery level LED indicates the battery level and help people to exchange the battery in time.
  • The boat structure is designed very convenient to maintain or exchange the battery.
  • Offer a optional travel bag for the boat protection and you could bring the boat easier when you fishing outside.
  • The bait boat could install the sonar fish finder or our DEVICT Fishing Robot which with GPS and fish finder function together. With them, you will have a top level fishing tackle and fishing will be so easy!
  • Offer satisfied guarantee in different country and regions.
  • Could offer OEM or ODM service to customers all over the world.

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    Technical Specification:
    Product Name DEVICT CATAMARAN Bait boat
    Product Model DEVC-300, 302, 303,304,308
    Product Type
    (For different facility)
    M: two hoppers control, one fishing-line dropping
    M3: two hoppers control, three fishing-lines dropping
    T: two hoppers control, three fishing-lines dropping, light control on R.C.
    Remote Frequency 2.4GHZ
    Power Supply Battery of Boat: 6V/12A (2pc lead accumulator),
    or 2pc 7.4V/12A lithium battery for option
    Battery of standard remote control handset:
    9.6-12V/8pcs “AA” Alkaline Battery, or a lithium battery for option
    Battery Using Time for boat Lead accumulator: about 2 hours (Continuously Usage)
    Lithium Battery: about 4 hours (Continuously Usage)
    Remote Model/ Range DEVO-7: 350~500M
    Sailing Speed 1-2 M/S
    Wave Resistance 5~6 Class
    Charger Voltage

    AC 110-240V

    Bait Hopper 2PC
    Bait Hopper Loading 5KG

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    Packing Information:
  • Boat Size:830*523*300MM (1boat/carton)
  • Pallet: 6 Cartons/pallet
  • Carton Size:890*540*355MM
  • G.W.:17KG/Carton